Radix Entomolaris

PreOp 1 Post Op 1

Another great example of Radix Enomolaris that was just completed.  In the Pre-Op the patient presented with a Previously Treated #30 with Acute Apical Abscess.  Upon ReTx I noticed an untreated DL canal.  The Post-Op shows the reverse direction of the extra  DL root.


RadixMarcoVersiani02 Radix 1 Radix 2 Radix 3

Here’s an interesting case and a fun root canal!  In the microscope I could see another canal in the far distal/lingual corner of tooth #30. It’s what’s called a Radix Entomolaris – the presence of an additional distolingual root.  This is opposite a Radix Paramolaris – the presence of an additional distobuccal root.

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