1. Dr. Paquio took care of my mother two weeks ago, while she was visiting from out of town. She woke up one morning with a swollen, painful jaw and we knew that she needed to see an endodontist asap. We had heard of Dr. Paquio and were aware that he had recently started his own practice. He had lots of experience, and had great training. I felt that we could trust my mothers care to him. When we called the office, they showed obvious care and concern and were able to get her an appointment promptly (the next day!). Dr. Paquio spent a lot of time getting a sense of her history and did a thorough examination. He ultimately identified and treated the source of her infection. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Paquio and his staff- they provided us with excellent care and I would highly recommend him!

  2. Dr. Paguio was amazing! The receptionist was kind and informative and even assisted the doctor during the root canal. They were able to fit me in within a couple of days and before a long holiday weekend. Dr. Paguio was thorough and took ample time prior to the procedure to find out my history, explain the procedure completely and then answer any questions I had. With the advanced techonology, I was able to watch the whole procedure on a screen above my head. A little disturbing but fascinating 🙂 I would highly recommend him for any endodontic work.

  3. Dr. P and his team at Art of Endodontics are truly amazing! As an Iraq War veteran, I was pleased to find that this office agreed to do a free, super last minute exam and x-ray for me on FREEDOM DAY USA–a nationwide effort to provide military servicemembers and veterans with free dental exams and procedures on 9-11. His staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and all had a great sense of humor (not bad, when you’re the kind of guy who hates going to the dentist in the first place). His office has a modern flare of comfort and cleanliness, so you can definitely rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment possible. Dr. Paguio was quick, efficient, and enthusiastic about caring about my previous endodontic work. Mostly, I want to thank him for standing above and beyond in his service to military veterans on this year’s FREEDOM DAY USA. When we say SUPPORT THE TROOPS, Dr. P and his team truly mean it. If you’re in the front range area, LOOK THIS GUY UP FIRST. For having your teeth drilled into, it doesn’t get better than this!!

  4. I live in New Mexico, I was in the Denver area over the Holidays, and I knew I was going to need root canal re-treatment. I researched endodontists in the area who accepted my insurance. I choose Dr. Emmanuel Paguio and am so glad I did. Not only was my root canal infected the original dentist who preformed the root canal had left me a “gift” without informing me. I had two metal files embedded in my tooth. Thanks to Dr. Paguio’s diligence, expertise, and skill, the metal files were removed without harming my tooth. He saw me on New Year’s Eve, and finished up the following Tuesday. He is extremely skilled, has a gentle touch and state of the art equipment. Crystal his assistant is very pleasant and competent. If I ever need a root canal, I would not hesitate to drive to Colorado to have Dr. Paguio do the work. He is great!

  5. I am so impressed with Dr. Paguio and his staff. The office is calming as well as Dr. Paguio himself. I had a very difficult root canal procedure due to calcification. His patience and skill allowed for the procedure to be completed successfully. He took ample time to explain everything and to acquire the information needed prior to the procedure. In addition he evaluated another tooth which was symptomatic without charging me. I highly recommend him.

  6. I learned within a few days of experiencing severe mouth pain that I needed a root canal. I thought it might be a simple tooth ache….No it turned out to be much more sever. The root canal performed by Dr. Emmanuel Paguio, DDS, MS and his staff was amazing! I left their office smiling after my root canal. I felt comfortable and knew that me and my teeth were in excellent hands. I highly recommend this office for treatment. I went in feeling horrible and in tremendous pain. But, as I said…Left smiling!

  7. I highly recommend Art of Endodontics, Dr. Paguio and his friendly and helpful staff!

    After I finished a root canal with Dr. Paguio, I called my dad and was explaining how smooth the process and how kind the dentist. I actually stated, “He made getting a root canal an enjoyable experience!”

    I needed an emergency root canal and I was TERRIFIED because I had never had one before. Dr. Paguio scheduled me for the same day. It was so refreshing to meet a medical professional who takes the time to talk to you in a calm, personal and unrushed manner. I was impressed with how gentle the work was. I had almost no pain at all. Again, I highly recommend Art of Endodontics!

    PLUS! The office is lovely with a modern art feel and exudes a relaxed and calming environment. Obviously, anyone who has a Chihuly book in the waiting room has good taste!

  8. Dr. Paguio and Crystal are amazing! As I also work in the Dental field I can tell you their is no other office I will go to have a root canal done than Dr. Paguios. I still get nervous at times when I have to have dental work done but they put me right at ease. It was the easiest root canal I’ve ever had! I couldn’t be more happy with my visits or my results. If you ever need any Endodontic treatment done this is the place to be!

  9. I recently had to have two root canals in preparation for a major dental makeover. Being under a time constraint I chose to have them both done during the same appointment. This did make me a little nervous having had root canals in the past. Dr Paguio and his staff were excellent. Their friendliness and professional manner was very soothing. During the lengthy process if found myself being more concerned with the hail storm happening outside than the painless procedure inside. Much thanks to Dr. Paguio and his wonderful staff!

  10. This was my first root canal ever and they did an excellent job. Dr. Pagio
    Listens to your concerns. He also asks several times during the visit to see if you’re doing okay. His assistants were wonderful too. All have very pleasant and fun personalities and are very competent. Thank you for making this a good experience.

  11. The Entire staff at the Art of Endodontics was amazing. I had an emergency situation and Dr. Paguio got me in, explained the entire situation and did everything as explained. He asked questions, took his time and made me feel I was a valued person, not just a new patient. He listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. His entire staff did the same thing. His work was excellent and I too would refer anyone I know to go to him for any work they would need. My tooth feels good and I’m very glad I went to Dr. Paguio. If I ever have this issue again with any of my other teeth, I will return to Art of Endodontics without question.

  12. I have had root canals before, but the experience at, “The Art of Endodontics” was the best experience ever!!! The Dr was very professional and knowledgeable in the field. I was a little worried about dental work, but he was so gentle and it wasn’t what I expected. I wish Dr. P did other types of dental work.

  13. This was my second root canal and my first by Dr.Paguio. He was wonderful, friendly, and very thorough in explaining the procedure. If necessary, I would return to him or recommend him to anyone. Pain is a big issue and I experienced very little and 24 hours later none.

  14. I was referred to Dr. Paquio by my general dentist. They saw me promptly, he thoroughly explained the needed procedure and answered my questions. The procedure was then carried out efficiently with virtually no discomfort. I myself am a physician and have heard many stories from my patients about their dental care experiences. I recommend Dr. Paquio as an endodontist without reservation.

  15. I recently had to have a root canal, and my dentist referred me to Dr Paquio. I must say the staff and Dr Paquio were very nice and pleasant. Dr Paquio explained what was needed, and the dreaded “needle” wasn’t bad at all.

    I would highly recommend Dr Paquio to my friends and Family.

  16. Just recently I went to my local dentist as I had a filling fall out of a rear molar. The dentist informed me that I would need to have a root canal before he could replace the filling as it was so close to the nerve. I had always heard horror stories about root canals and I was not looking forward to the procedure. Then to make matters worse he informed me the tooth in front of it would need one as it was crowded and causing me pain. He referred me to Dr. Paguio and the Art of Endodontics.

    What an amazing experience!!! From the moment I entered the office I truly had an outstanding experience. The office staff greeted me and processed my information without any issues, they informed me of any expenses before work was performed, and they followed up after every appointment. Dr. Paguio shows a true passion for his work and for his clients. He and I quickly bonded as he truly showed an interest in knowing about me before he began any work. Then as he would perform the work he would explain what was taking place by allowing me to see the x-rays and describing what I was viewing. He is very detail oriented and ensures he performs the procedure right the first time so there are no issues later. Once the procedure was complete I was back to work that afternoon, and performing physical activities that next day. I did not have any of the horror stories take place as I feel he is an expert. I would highly to recommend Dr. Paguio and his staff to anyone who needs dental work performed. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!!!

  17. I went to see Dr. Paguio, at Art of Endodontics, a few weeks ago for a root canal. As I walked in the office I noticed a very clean, modern, and open space. I was greeted in a very friendly manner and after only a few minutes was taken back to the procedure room. Dr. Paguio came in to the room and explained that he needed to do a few noninvasive tests to be sure of my need for a root canal. These tests did in fact prove I needed the procedure so he explained everything and answered all of my questions. His staff made me as comfortable as possible and even got me a blanket! Dr. P did such a good job numbing my mouth that I fell asleep for a large portion of the procedure.

    I couldn’t be more happy with my experience at Art of Endodontics! Dr. P and his staff were very attentive and treated me like family. My root canal turned out to be quite difficult due to the anatomy of my tooth. Luckily, Dr. P was expertly trained and had amazing experience in his back pocket that allowed him to safely complete the procedure in one visit.

    I highly recommend Dr. Paguio and Art of Endodontics to anyone in need of an Endodontist! He and his staff met and exceeded all of my expectations.

  18. September 28, 2016

    After visiting my general dentist with severe pain and discomfort, I was referred to Dr. Paquio for evaluation of a root canal versus extraction of the problem (functional) wisdom tooth. Dr. Paquio was able to fit me into his schedule immediately that same day. He was very thorough as he evaluated and discussed options and the root canal procedure with me. The root canal was done the following day without pain or discomfort. I did have some expected pain for several days afterwards, but Dr. Paquio predicted that in advance and Advil/Rx helped immensely. He wrapped things up with a second visit several weeks later when things quieted down and everything is great now. I highly recommend Dr. Paquio for anyone requiring endodontic services!

  19. Several months ago, I was in a situation that most dentists would have given up on, and suggested I get my tooth extracted. I had a root canal gone bad from 10+ years ago, and the infection that had started was so bad several rounds of different antibiotics would not work. Dr. Paguio was up front from the beginning letting me know that there wasn’t a 100% chance of success but saving my tooth was his highest priority. He had to see me on numerous occasions for several stages of a root canal. We then had to go for a more intense surgery to dig out the infection itself, which was terrifying. Dr. Paguio and staff made me feel comfortable and were very thorough in explaining exactly what to expect. Long story short, its been several months and my infection is gone, and most importantly I still have my real tooth with no implant! Had it not been for Dr. Paguio’s perserverance and committment to saving my tooth, I would have ended up spending thousands on an implant and lost a tooth that I didn’t really need to. I am thankful to have an endodontist I can trust!

  20. I am thankful for the care I received at Dr. Paguio’s office! Everything was explained thoroughly and I felt that he was caring and competent to handle my situation. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!

  21. The best service and treatment ever…..if I would ever need his services again I would drive across the state so I could see this doctor again. I wouldn’t even think about seeing anyone else.

  22. Recently, a tooth that I had start to throb from time to time. As I was aware that the tooth was in a state of decay, and I was unable to take care of it until recently, I went to my dentist who referred me to Dr. Paguio to see if the tooth could be saved. When I entered his office, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and relaxing environment. His staff was very professional and helpful. And Dr. Paguio was very informative and let me know what the procedure was going to be and how many treatment sessions it would require. He also asked to see if I had any questions or concerns. Overall, I had a good experience at Art of Endo and would not hesitate to return there should I require any additional work to be done.

  23. Typically, a 9 year old doesn’t need to visit an Endodontist almost weekly for four months. After my son took a baseball pitch to the mouth which knocked out 4 teeth and damaged the nerves on 4 more, we were so incredibly blessed to find Dr. Paguio at Art of Endodontics. From the beginning Dr. Paguio viewed my son as a whole person, looking at the future of what his teeth would need as well as the best options for right now. He has been the glue that has held our dental team together working toward that end, emailing, calling, and even meeting with our Orthodontist and our Dentist–and doing it in a way that they both appreciate. He is patient, gentle, and calm as he works with my son. Dr. Paguio has been clear with us that because of my son’s age and the particulars of his case we are venturing in uncharted territories, and that the results of the various treatments we’re trying may or may not work the way we hope. That said, due largely to Dr. Paguio’s treatment plan of wait and see, monitor closely, and start working as soon as signs indicate it is necessary, we are at the amazing place of 3 of the four teeth that had damaged nerves demonstrating normal nerve function now, and 3 of the four teeth that were knocked totally out (and were put back in within 15 minutes by our Orthodontist who happened to be at the game) are still in my son’s mouth (he swallowed the fourth one at the time of the trauma). We are about to finish root canals on the three and are hoping to get at least a few months and maybe even years out of them. Regardless of how long these teeth last, Dr. Paguio has been invaluable to our family on this journey and we are incredibly thankful for him and his practice.

  24. I saw Dr. Paguio about a week ago. I very impressed with his level of professionalism and equipment. His staff was fantastic and kept me well informed. As far as the work being done he verified that I needed a root canal, informed me of the pricing through my insurance and performed the work. All this took place in just under an hour and a half. I would highly recommend Dr. Paguio to perform this level of work for anyone in the future.

  25. My recent experience with Dr. Paguio and the entire staff at Art of Endodontics was excellent! After experiencing horrific dental work in the past, I was nervous and fearful about having a root canal. Dr. Paguio explained clearly and kindly what the procedure would entail. The front desk staff and his dental assistant were exceptionally pleasant to work with and very patient with my questions and apprehension. The actual procedure was comfortable and almost relaxing! I experienced no problems with my recovery and will definitely be returning if the need arises in the future!

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