How Has Endodontics Changed Over Time?

Medieval dentistry of dentist using a strange instrument to treat a patient

Endodontics, the branch of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing tooth pain and other interior issues of the tooth, has a long history and has greatly evolved over the past years. Here, we give a brief overview of some important findings that have influenced the development of modern endodontic practice.

The History of Endodontics

It might be hard to believe that endodontics could go back to 200 B.C. Yet the evidence from human skulls and other archaeological findings indicate extractions, transplants, and other types of procedures were used to remove damaged teeth and insidious tooth worms that early humans believed to be the cause of tooth pain.

Pierre Fauchard, who is credited as the father of modern dentistry, authored the book The Surgeon Dentist in 1729. This book was one of the first comprehensive volumes discussing early root canal therapy and opening teeth with the goal of relieving tooth pain.

In 1756, Dr. Phillip Pfaff capped dental pulps using gold foil or lead to protect the exposed nerve from direct contact with the restoration.

The first instrument specifically designed for root canal treatment was introduced in 1838 by Edwin Maynard after he modified a watch spring.

Edwin Truman introduced gutta-percha in 1847. This material has stood the test of time as a durable and safe root-filling material in root canal therapy.

Modern Endodontics in Arvada, CO

Today, endodontic treatment is safe, effective, and virtually painless. We owe much to those who came before us, researching and studying to influence what is now evidence-based and comfortable for modern patients.

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