Visit Our Endodontics Office

We understand that needing dental work can make even the calmest of patients feel nervous, so we’ve designed our Arvada dental office with your comfort in mind. From our comfortable amenities to our relaxing sedation options, our goal is to help you feel at home while you’re with us.

We also work hard to ensure that your procedure is effective, efficient, and safe. We utilize leading-edge technologies and techniques throughout our office so that your time in the dental chair is maximized. Our practice also abides by OSHA clean practice standards because we take your health and safety seriously.

“Usually when you say ‘root canal,’ people cringe, but the experience I had with Dr. Paguio was exceptional. Dr. Paguio was amazing on so many levels and I never had any post pain or soreness.” – Shaheen


Welcome to Our Endodontic Practice

If you have a tooth that’s causing you pain, Arvada root canal specialist Dr. Paguio is here to help. Does the phrase “root canal” send chills up and down your spine? We recognize the anxiety that dental work can cause patients to experience, and that’s why we do everything in our power to help relieve that anxiety and keep you comfortable and relaxed in our care. Our practice is designed with you in mind, and we’ve gone to great lengths to help you feel at home in our office.

Root canals are notorious for being a painful experience, but with the advancements in technologies and sedation, we are able to all but eliminate any discomfort you feel during the procedure, as well as limit the post-op pain you feel. When you’re a patient at Art of Endodontics, you can rest assured that we will relieve your pain in a way that is comfortable for you.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Art of Endodontics, we use advanced digital technology to diagnose and treat your dental issues. We use 3D digital X-rays to get a better look at your teeth and jaw. These X-rays help us better diagnose the pain you’re experiencing and develop a treatment plan that targets the pain and helps you feel better fast.

Our intraoral camera not only allows us see into areas of your mouth that might otherwise be hidden to the naked eye, but also gives you the opportunity to see what we see. Using the flatscreen TV that is mounted above the dental chair, we can even walk you through the procedure with the intraoral camera. Dr. Paguio truly believes it is a vital patient education tool.

OSHA Clean Practice

We go above and beyond ADA and OSHA recommended standards of safety and cleanliness to ensure that our Arvada endodontics office is clean and safe. Prior to your appointment, we sanitize the treatment room and sterilize every piece of equipment twice. We have also instilled a water filtration system to remove any risk of contamination that is found in tap water. We worry about the health and safety of our patients so you don’t have to.

New Patient Forms

We pride ourselves on being a paperless office. When you come in to our dental office in Arvada for your appointment, you’ll fill out all of your patient information and health history on a tablet. If, however, you prefer to fill out your paperwork in advance, you can download our New Patient Forms, print them, and bring them in to your appointment.

Fill Out New Patient Forms