Dream Big and Change The World!

The ones that dream that they can change the word, are usually the ones that do! Dream Big and change the world! Dr P dares to dream big and he and his team are always trying to make their practice better everyday. Set your goals high and work hard to reach your dreams! Make it reality!! #artofendo #endo #endodontics #dentist #dentistry #dentalstudent #endoresidents #dentalarchitecture #root #rootcanal #rootcanaltreatment #dream #dreambig


AAE/AAOMR Position Statement on use of CBCT

The AAE/AAOMR released an updated Joint Positional Statment for 2015/2016

Noted in the conclusions:  CBCT is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing the approach to endodontic care of dental patients.  The use of limited FOV CBCT should be considerer on a case by case basis, with due consideration given to the risks and benefits of exposing the patient to ionizing radiation, the patients history, clinical findings and pre-existing radiographs so that superior treatment cna be provided to the general public in need of endodontic care.

Please reference the AAE website or our Facebook page with shared link to AAE and updated link to Position Statement on use of CBCT.




ADA News (American Dental Association Newsletter)…Most of us may just glance through the ADA News but here’s one to spend a little time on, because Dr. Paguio and his wife Dr. Zuniga are in one of the featured articles this month. ‘The ins and outs of a dental career’ The article touches on moving to different places or locations as a dentist and the challenges of that process.

Board Certified Endodontist

Dr. Emmanuel Paguio is proud to share that he is now certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics!!

To become Board Certified, Dr. Paguio successfully completed a series of steps, including: a comprehensive written exam, oral examination and submitted cases to demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise in the full scope of the field of endodontics.

A Board Certifed Endodontist understands the importance of:
Achieving the highest level of knowledge and skill possible,
Continually pursuing new knowledge and experience,
Fully understanding and applying new research and advances in the practice of endodontics, and
Ensuring the highest possible quality of care for you!!

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Looks like it’s official!! Here is Dr. Pagiuo’s certificate from the American Board of Endodontics! Officially a Diplomate!!